Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pageviews for December 2012

Here's the graph for the past month's pageviews of this 'blog...

I'm putting these monthly graphs up here primarily to indicate any trend that might thus be revealed; though I can also state that the posts that are getting more pageviews than others are, broadly, the anime/Vocaloid items. It's not universal, but that's one kind of trend I can readily perceive from the blogpost-level statistics that I can read here at any time.

I am a little surprised, as I hadn't thought the readership here was (yet?) anywhere near as fully taken with this topic as I am – but there it is, clearly shown in my detailed statistics. Of course, this gives me the excuse to post more of the same – but I shall be very selective and somewhat sparing.

For every three or four minutes of video of either of those categories, be assured that I shall have rejected (though enjoyed!) at least a couple of hours-worth of other material. I really am that picky when it comes to my readership here; and a few of the borderline examples that didn't make it have been particularly sad to have to exclude.

It looks like I am generally getting it right, as I typically get 400 to 600 pageviews a day, which for a backwater 'blog like this is quite good going, and a significant increase from, say, a year ago, building up during this past year from a typical 11,000 or so pageviews per month in early 2012 to a consistent 14,000-plus monthly in recent times.

While none of this matters to any degree in the grand scheme of things, each of us is, in effect, tasked with doing our own bit to contribute to society as a whole in whatever way we are best suited.

My own method is to provide a good mix of light and shade, serious and not so much, on various topics (but mostly constrained to a specific range of categories), and as to make my posts as well-researched and authoritative as I reasonably can. I do the work, behind the scenes, so you don't have to – or at least, that's the theory!

Thus this 'blog does still have some (minor) significance and (hopefully) some value, and none of us should ever forget either th principle that I just mentioned or the specific things that each of us does in this regard. We all have a part to play!

This is one part of my own contribution...

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