Sunday, 13 January 2013

Saihate by Rin

Here's the 'youngest' (by characteristics) of the mainstream Vocaloids, Rin Kagamine, looking and moving in an especially soft and feminine way that the others can't quite get to work in the same way, because of their build (I believe even their skeletal structure is programmed into their characteristics!) with Saihate, which means 'The Furthest Ends'.

As (nearly) always, the English words are available easily enough for anyone who wishes to find them. I have been wondering whether to post a link to them here in cases where they aren't subtitled or captioned within the video – but it seems a bit late now.

Even so, here are this song's words, and if readers tell me they'd like this done for the other songs too, I'll do so in future and also go through existing posts and add similar links to all of those. I use various sites, though the Anime Lyrics site I have linked to here is my favourite and usually my first port of call.

Now, here's Rin in a colourful and tranquil setting, wearing a very nice puffball dress, and with a couple of butterflies – though not on her right shoulder...

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