Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Arrival

It will almost certainly come as no surprise to visitors to this 'blog that I have treated myself to a Miku Hatsune figurine for Christmas – though for a couple of (frankly boring) reasons her arrival was delayed until today.

It is a one-seventh scale figure, standing some 18 centimetres high, excluding the stand. Allowing for her bent-over pose, this does work out about right (her height is 158 cm in her characteristics info).

I was so nervous about missing a possible early delivery that it kept me awake all night long, but it was worth it. Miku now adorns (i'd say dominates!) my almost-famous hallway display...

Here's the box, from which you can see it's a Tony version, no less, and produced by Max Factory – so it's one of the best, along with the offerings from Good Smile Company and Sega...

Finally, here's Miku alone, spectacularly in action as is the norm for her...

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