Monday, 14 January 2013

SeeU – Arirang

This is a nice video of the Korean vocaloid SeeU dancing to her own rendition of a mildly techno-style song called Arirang (though not being sung 'live' by the dancing character).

Strictly speaking, the 'r' letters in the song's title are more like 'l' sounds, as a study of the Korean Hangeul characters on the video shows. They are, in effect, interchangeable. It seems that, like the Japanese and the Chinese (though for slightly different reasons) the Koreans too have difficulty separating the two sounds. The result comes out somewhere in between, more like a cross between w, r and y than anything else.

The initial 'ng' character is silent in this location. I don't know why it's there at all, but I'm no expert on the language...

This is a nice video, with an attractive song and dance, despite the plain background. It's certainly one of the few instances I have found of SeeU being animated, and in proper 3-D – though on this occasion her generous locks have been (temporarily!) lopped off, which I notice works just as well in appropriate situations such as this one...

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