Friday, 11 January 2013

Gangnam Style – SeeU Style!

SeeU is the first Korean vocaloid character, who sadly hasn't yet appeared as a live performer in her music videos (of which there are at least a couple of dozen, plus a handful of demo tracks) – apart from this one, as far as I can find (so far).

Her voice is distinctly womanly, though not at the expense of femininity, though overall perhaps not what one might expect from that part of the world...

SeeU the character's most distinctive feature is her mass of blonde hair, which makes the other vocaloid females look almost as if they have crew cuts by comparison. You have to stand well clear when that lady spins around! The picture above-right gives an indication of this(!)

Anyway, it does at least seem fitting that a Korean vocaloid is performing this version of Gangnam Style and in pole position for the obligatory dance, which I have to say suits her far better than it does Miku and Luka.

I have to say that I have never been a fan of this song, and that hasn't changed; but just once in a while (such as here, as well as the Lucky Star version I posted a couple of weeks back) it does work quite well and is sufficiently entertaining to merit sharing with this 'blog's readers – so here we go: "Oppan Gangnam Style!"...

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