Friday, 11 January 2013

Today's Selezione

Today I choose Inycon's Selezione Sangiovese-Shiraz, which is a typically full and rounded Sicilian red wine, blending the Italian classic Sangiovese grape with Sicilian-grown Shiraz (a.k.a. Syrah) to produce an outstanding red for meats and grills.

I have long been familiar with Sicilian reds, going back to the standard of the time, Corvo Rosso in the 'seventies that I could have with meals at such places as Trattoria Imperia in London's Charing Cross Road (often known as 'Gino's place', where he'd sing to his customers as well as take their orders!) – long since gone, but patronised by numerous celebrities, many of whose photos and messages were attached to the wall.

Sadly, Corvo Rosso has become just about impossible to find in recent years, so it is good that there is now a substitute that has much of the feel and flavour of that classic, and adds something of its own character to the underlying concept.

I like it very much for the occasions when a fuller red is most suitable, and as an alternative to the other 'heavy' reds that I have occasionally mentioned here (and a number I have not yet featured).

As always, though, do not fall into the trap of assuming that the same source's whites are all that good. Their offering is passable; but Italians and Sicilians continue to be relatively poor at white wine, though I have no real idea why this should be. I have tried many over the years and decades, but the situation hasn't materially improved. Therefore I recommend looking elsewhere for whites.

For a full-bodied red, though, the Selezione Sangiovese-Shiraz is perfectly able to hold its own with others in the same category.

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