Saturday, 12 January 2013

One NOT For the Ladies!

Not unless they don't mind becoming envious, that is, of Miku's wonderful range of colourful and sumptuous costumes. No real-world lady is going to have a wardrobe this good, perhaps not even royalty.

The costumes are made available in the Project Diva game by completing the 'rhythm box' game itself so well, on various songs, that you build up sufficient so-called Diva Points to unlock the various outfits. The originator of the following video had obviously earned a lot of Diva Points!

As for the song, StargazeR, it's a bit so-so, and the video is best thought of as a visual feast, so I suggest turning the sound down a few notches and watching this toggled to full-screen view, to simply enjoy the spectacle. I counted 29 outfits, then back to the original, traditional Miku costume. My favourites were the third (evening sky blue winter outfit) and the fifteenth (long flowing white with narrow cummerbund).

By the way, in the first few moments it looks as though it isn't at top quality, but from the instant of the first costume change that is corrected. My investigation shows that this appears to be a glitch in the way the YouTube Flash player works, rather than any fault in the video data...

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