Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Muslim Patrols

This is something that has been brewing for several years now, and put into practice in at least one or two Muslim-dominated areas in London.

The Commentator covers recent developments including a couple of videos that show what this is like in practice, and the attitudes of those involved. The business of 'owning the streets' is an old, old story, and is not specific to any one faith, ethnic group or anything else of that ilk – it's a facet of human nature within some communities, and has been for decades if not longer.

From the Krays via those who run the 'hood' to so-called 'Muslim areas' (which are a fiction, of course) there will also be those with an excuse they have to tell themselves that, yes they can satisfy their lust for domination via intimidation and violence. They are all exactly the same as each other!

This does not help us to deal with it; there is a too-scared-to-tackle approach that the law-enforcement authorities have consistently demonstrated with this particular section of society living in Britain (but clearly not all of them think of themselves as being part of our society) when dealing with criminal and near-criminal activity.

This hardly inspires confidence that they will do anything beyond the nominal and minimal about what is being depicted in those videos. As their own communities either support them, are scared of them themselves, or are neutral and not inclined to move, act or speak out against them, the odds are stacked against this kind of activity being dealt with, and ordinary people will no doubt continued to be harassed, bullied and (no doubt) threatened.

Short of doing an Idi Amin and expelling all Muslims from Britain, I do not know of a solution to this growing and developing issue. It seems that nothing else will really work, despite (possibly) initial superficial appearances, as other countries have been finding with the same grouping as well. A few of them seem to have come to the same conclusion: it cannot be dealt with while they are permitted to remain in one's country.

Therefore we have a real problem, as Britain is not in the habit of acting in such a manner. Indeed, our reputation is of being far too accommodating for such a small country.

In the final analysis, the only people who can avoid forcing such a decision sooner or later are those communities themselves. Unless they deal firmly, sharply, completely and permanently with all of this stuff, and can demonstrate that it will never recur, they'll end up on the wrong side of that decision when the crunch time comes. The time to act is now; and if they fail to do so, they shouldn't be at all surprised if one day the lot of them are compelled to leave our shores for good.

The ball is firmly in their court!

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