Friday, 18 January 2013

The Snow Arrives – 18 January 2013

The forecasts have been essentially correct, although where I am and hereabouts for a fair distance it has not been at all serious, at least not so far. It started at precisely 11 am today, very light at first, then cranking up a gear a bit later.

Kent's gritters have been out already, in advance, gritting primary and (I believe) secondary routes, so we here are as well prepared as anyone can reasonably expect to be, at least on those routes.

This weather is expected to continue, with more snow falling, throughout the coming weekend. As it is really cold outdoors (as I can attest from when I was outside at 11 am when it all started) so it will no doubt be distinctly dodgy on some lesser roads and the footpaths by Monday morning.

Here's a pic of the Close where I live in Chatham, taken just minutes before I wrote this post...

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