Thursday, 24 January 2013

Daydream Flight

For those visitors who didn't fancy going through the Vocafarre event video I posted recently, even after missing the chunk at the start as I suggested (and most of us have busy lives so I do understand), here is what I consider to be the highlight of the event.

This is fairy vocaloid Lapis Aoki with one of her demo songs, Daydream Flight. It really is a very beautiful item, and her voice is so good, so natural, that I am not surprised that one of the audience messages scrolling along the walls is "the voice is great" (at 2 mins 23 secs).

The 'holographic jitters' I mentioned when I posted the video of the whole event occur at the start of the song intro, caused (I think) by whoever was controlling the projection system trying to align Lapis's steps up onto the platform correctly. That could have been handled better, and hopefully will in future.

Anyway, do go through this right to the end: it's definitely worth it and might even take your breath away...

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