Saturday, 5 January 2013

Luka – Depression of Cybernetics

Here is an amazing video of a most realistically life-like Luka Megurine (especially at the start) performing this unusual song within a grey and broken cityscape. Fortunately the place is not entirely lifeless.

I have timed this for early Saturday evening, as a contrast to what those about to go 'out on the town' this evening are more likely to encounter – even in Chatham, where I live!

This is one of those 'once seen, never forgotten' productions, and is worth anyone spending the less than four minutes it takes to watch, preferably toggled to full-screen size (which is a good idea for all of these Vocaloid videos I am posting here).

You'll want to reduce or mute the cound for the first 15 seconds of preliminaries, which are really too loud, or skip past that first quarter-minute. The video proper starts just before 16 seconds in...

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