Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Double Lariat

Double Lariat is one of my favourite Luka Megurine songs, here performed in a different outfit from usual. I think it works well, and adds welcome variety – but it has to be said that Luka exudes such sheer class that a sack with three holes cut out (for her head and arms) would do almost as well!

Her stage presence is truly phenomenal, and considerably outclasses any human performer I have ever encountered – all without any of the coarseness and vulgarity that pervades the western female vocalist scene. Whoever created this (and other Luka 'live' videos) has obviously put a huge amount of what I term 'heart' into their work, and it really shows.

This video features the return of the almost chibi-like pink octopus on which I have remarked before. It seems to be something like a pet, but I know nothing of it for certain.

There are no English subtitles or captions with this version, but they are easily found on-line, either just as stand-alone lyrics or subtitled to another video of a difference performance. They are what could with justification be termed interesting words, as happens with some Vocaloid songs, I have noticed.

Technically, this version still has those clicking artifacts on some of the sound transitions that affect Luka's voice in particular (i.e. more than some of the other Vocaloids) on occasion. It doesn't always occur with her, but detracts just a little when it does.

Hopefully, with the port of her voicebank to the new Vocaloid-3 software, which I believe is planned to be done, this will be cleaned up for good. The lady and her many, many fans really deserve it...

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