Thursday, 31 January 2013


As a follow-up to the very successful Bloggers' Forum three months or so ago, the same people arranged what they have called a Bloggle event at the same venue. It was held earlier this evening, and I went along.

I was the oldest there, as nearly all the others were twenty-somethings or perhaps a little older in a few cases: there were six fellas (including me) with thirteen ladies. For this first Bloggle we first sat around a large table in the same meeting room as for the forum (when we didn't have the tables) to introduce ourselves and our blogging experience and leanings.

That part is unlikely to be needed at future Bloggles, as the group is expected to remain much the same and we now know each other. The rest of the evening was a free-form mingling in pairs and groups, with several writers in the ensemble and a similar number of photographers – so in a way it was a kind of battle of words against pictures(!)

Tonight's event promises to be just the first of a whole string of these periodic gatherings of local bloggers, and some good news to come out of it is that a mechanism has now been put in place to list and link to all our 'blogs both locally and in a Kent-wide directory.

We are also starting a weekly posting exercise of something local to a centralised Rochester-based website, along the lines of Silent Sunday and Wordless Wednesday, of which at least two local bloggers participate in one or the other. Our Medway Monday will probably have words, though, as well as or as much as images like the others, if I understood what was being proposed correctly. I await instructions on this before it starts, probably next Monday.

Meanwhile, it was another useful event, and I tried to be helpful in making suggestions in regard to a couple of issues raised. I also learned about a site called Nun Shenanigans that two of those there also run, besides their main blog-sites. It's certainly a little different, though it's a pity it hasn't been updated sine February of last year...

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