Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rin, You Rock!

Rin literally 'rocks' in this video, strumming a mean guitar into the bargain.

This relatively heavy number is properly called Kodoku no Hate no LOVE & PEACE, apparently, but sadly no-one seems to have the English translation of the title and lyrics, at least not when I did my customary search. If anyone reading this has greater success, do let me know and kindly provide a link, so that I can update this post accordingly.

Of course, Rin is no stranger to this kind of music, as we see from the three-piece Vocaloid backing band for Miku on some videos, one example of which I have featured here in recent weeks. There are other solo instances around as well.

Here we see Rin in a nicely-designed two-tone grey outfit and a charcoal-grey hair bow in place of the usual white one. It seems to be a good choice for a track of this style. Also note the triplet hair clips instead of the usual pairs, more prominent on this occasion...

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