Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Duet: Magnet

Well, after considerable searching, and problems with a faulty embed code that jumped a couple of seconds after starting to a different video(!) I seem to have cracked this. It took me a fair amount of attempted debugging of this phenomenon before I had to concede defeat on the original, and had to turn elsewhere...

It was worth it in the end, though, as we now have here the best version I can find of Magnet, performed as a duet featuring Miku and Luka in those very colourful costumes we recently saw in the World's End Dancehall video.

This is one of the best songs the Vocaloids perform, and has an outstanding piano part of its accompaniment, as well as some great moves by Miku and Luka – who also get to show their individuality. That is unlike some videos where the originator has lazily linked both/all the performers together, and it just doesn't look anything like natural.

What follows below, though, is sheer class, and one of the very best, despite being one small notch short of the ultimate in technical quality...

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