Friday, 4 January 2013

Another Luka Song – Stardust Utopia

I have no idea what this one is titled, as it's in Japanese Kanji ideograms only and that is well beyond my present abilities to understand! If it had been in Hiragana...

UPDATE: It's Stardust Utopia.

This attractive song, though not one of the very best of hers, is certainly good, and well worth airing here – especially as it features Luka in a different costume. Although I accept her regular costume as being 'the norm', I am not over-keen on it in some regards, so these costume changes make for welcome variety.

Again we find ourselves above Planet Earth and looking down, though from a different platform this time (perhaps a deserted shopping mall, complete with working escalator!) and we are also treated to the spectacle of what I surmise is a meteor shower impacting our world's atmosphere...

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