Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Iroha Song – Duet

Actually, this isn't a true duet, but has the two voices together by making separate versions of the same song (and video) with each of two Vocaloids.

The Iroha Song ('Iroha Uta') is another of those very good, distinctive and instantly recognisable – and memorable – Vocaloid tunes that so often feature in these videos.

Although the number of original songs written specifically for the Vocaloids now run well into six figures, and undoubtedly the considerable majority of those are likely to be relatively poor (ask any music publishers regarding their own regular mailbag of wannabes), there are at least several dozen that can easily hold their own in the marketplace.

This is one such, also seemingly connected in some way to the original Iroha 'pangram' Japanese poem that includes each syllabic character there is, once only – though I have not thus far ascertained the nature of that link, even after studying the song's lyrics. In fact, I have my doubts about that supposed connection...

This original 'duet' approach features Rin, and a new one to be featured here, Ritsu Namine, who – Luka-like – wears a long skirt in contrast to Rin's characteristically short outfit. The character was created via an on-line forum, it appears, back in the autumn of 2009, rather than by one of the companies (such as Crypton Future Media, who created Miku, Luka and the Kagamine twins) who specialise in the field.

As for this video: it features Rin wearing her X-shaped hair clips rather than the regular straight ones; and Ritsu manages to keep that characteristic Mary Poppins-inspired (I suspect) hat on throughout the stage dance. I also feel that this 'duet' concept does work well in this instance...

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