Saturday, 26 January 2013

Teto's Odds and Ends

Well, Odds and Ends is apparently the title of this song, which I think shows a lot of character in and from Teto Kasane (the 'joke' lady with this spiralling red hair I once featured a few weeks ago) despite the slight technical issues with her voice, especially evident in the first part of this song.

I gather this is from the UTAU system rather than Yamaha's Vocaloid software, which I had not realised before (though I have been aware of UTAU for a short while now), which no doubt explains the vocal differences – though it is still very good, regardless of the system's less catchy name(!)

For ease of searching, I shall continue to apply the Vocaloid tag to anything of this nature that I post, whatever actual system is behind it, simply because visitors will probably have bookmarked the search URL I have posted to Twitter and elsewhere and would otherwise miss some relevant posts.

Anyway, I thought this was quite good and a little bit different from much of what I have showcased here recently, so here is Teto...

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