Monday, 7 January 2013

The Winner Takes It All

This is a little off the beaten track, as it involves Luka (and friends, later) miming to ABBA rather than using their own voicebanks – but it is very effective, and I am pleased it has been tried out and the result presented publicly.

The mouth movements reflect Agnetha's original breathing/singing technique quite closely, by the way, which is something I have studied in the past, having been impressed with that lady's skills.

This video also features a couple of nice costumes, especially Luka's gorgeous maroon dress with attached sleeves (for a change) and gold cummerbund, plus what I call a 'paper-chain skirt' (as we used to have paper-chains that were very much like this, among our Christmas decorations). Even Kaito and Len join in toward the end, along with Miku, in what I think (upon reflection) has turned out to be a very well done video...

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