Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

What better way to bring in the new year of 2013 than a truly excellent video of the four top Vocaloids performing Miku Hatsune's Look This Way Baby!, followed by a visual extravaganza with Miku's Yellow* as the backing track. You'll want this one toggled to full screen view, especially to see the fabulous Luka on drums (as has happened in other such videos, by the way).

Despite all of that, it is unusual to see a Shure 55-SW microphone these days; and I haven't yet worked out why the Nendoroid-like tiny 'chibi' figures are there, especially the pink squid/octopus, although one is the 'super-deformed' Hachune Miku who often appears here and there I have noticed, usually waving the infamous Welsh onion...

(* Yes, I now recognise many Vocaloid songs straight away upon hearing their first few notes. So I'm what some might call 'sad', but at least I'm always smiling!)...

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