Sunday, 13 January 2013

Comment of the Day – 13 January 2013

Cranmer has been looking at Richard Dawkins's latest bit of nonsense that suggests that religious people are 'stupid'.

Now, this was in a single tweet, so it is stretching things to read too much directly into that alone – but it is consistent with his and other atheists' long-held and oft-stated views, so it is reasonable to take it as being at least indicative of his attitude.

This comment by Carl Jacobs to His Grace's post expresses much of my own standard response to atheists and their general silliness; and this part of it is the nub, I have always felt...

"But can he explain consciousness? Well, no he can't.

Can he explain conscience? No he can't.

Can he explain the existence of morality? No, he can't.

Can he explain irreducible complexity? No, he can't.

Can he explain the connection between the brain and the mind? No, he can't.

Can he tell me what a thought is? No, he can't.

Can he explain the mathematical impossibility of the formation of so much as even one protein molecule of RNA? No, he can't.

Can he explain the uncaused cause for existence? No, he can't.

Can he find any purpose or meaning in the existence of man external to man's own individual desires? No, he can't.

Can he even so much as show me the data that validates the models upon which he bases so many of his conclusions? No, he can't. He has no data."
Indeed, no atheist has even the beginning of a clue about anything fundamental. For a start, there is no actual reason for there even to be a universe at all, without a Creator, let alone why there is one, where the material for it came from, what's 'outside' or beyond it, and who are we, really.

From there it just gets worse and worse for the clueless atheists; but if that's how they wish to live, that's fine in and of itself. Just don't attack those of us who do have a clue, Dawkins et al, and keep your stupid, stupid atheist trap shut!

Then again, it can be fun to demolish their stance, just as Carl Jacobs has done today...

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