Monday, 28 January 2013

Fairy Nuff

Certainly enough fairies! There are four (perhaps more by now) slightly different software 'models' of the fairy vocaloid Lapis Aoki, and this video has all four of them together. It's worth showing this, despite a small reservation I have with the production, as it probably isn't widely known that anyone with the right software can create a model from the published characteristic of a vocaloid.

Once one has appeared and widely accepted, others' creations are usually closely matched to that appearance; but there are a few notable exceptions, which I might look at in detail one of these days. With these four, the detail on the back of the costume is perhaps the most obvious variation on the description from which the modellers all worked (including the famous Saboten, I notice here).

As for Fairy Nuff: I have mentioned before that I think that we at my Youth Group might have been the first with that name for a pantomime character, back in 1968 – but there's no need for me to retell the whole story here...

The song is Poker Face, and we saw this multiple performer version in that 11-vocaloid concert I featured earlier this month. It's the hand actions from those with their backs to us in one part (starts at 55 seconds in) that is the single biggest clue to that.

The camera angles feature too much of what anime fans refer to as 'fan service' for my taste (my taste is for none of that looking-up-from-below at all) but it is harmless enough, and I can't do anything about it anyway, so: as it isn't even real, and as this is a genuinely entertaining performance (the Poker Face 'motion' is always great fun!), let's just go with it this time...

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