Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fantasy Corner

With my (modest but definite) biological changes during the last year or two has come the ability to fantasize; and although my one or two – so far – fantasies will no doubt be considered by most to be inconsequential, for me they have a degree of significance.

My main one is that our annual Will Adams Festival, celebrating Gillingham's links to Japan that started with local fellow Will Adams voyaging out there centuries ago, extends beyond its somewhat repetitive format to date, and adds some modern Japanese culture while retaining all for which the festival is known.

Nothing need be sacrificed.

My specific fantasy revolves around there being a performance of the Hare Hare Yukai dance (from the Haruhi Suzumiya stories) on the stage at the event, and that before they start their leader apologises for the absence of one of the male performers from the quintet, who for some reason couldn't be there.

You can probably guess what I'd like to happen next: yes, I'd wave from the audience and approach the stage, offering to substitute. Once I knew whether I was to be Mr Happy (Koizumi) or Mr Moody (Kyon) and whether it was the short or long form of the dance they were doing, I could assure them I'd be up to it and take my place on the stage.

Wouldn't that be something a little bit special? I know the dance so well that I'd have no problem performing it, at least if my health continues to slowly improve (I haven't been able to dance safely during most of the past year and a half, but have recently started improving in that regard).

The absolute icing on the cake would be if former mayor/mayoress Cllr Ted and Sylvia Baker were in the audience and witnessed this. I'm sure they already think of me as being a little 'unhinged', and this could no doubt firm-up that impression; but I'd hope that they'd enjoy it all the same.

I know I'd enjoy doing it, and helping out the performers in the process.

Now that's my kind of fantasy!

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