Saturday, 26 January 2013

Everybody's Voice

Thee short 'Mikumentaries' help to explain, in the words of many, why the Vocaloid fan- and user-base is a worldwide phenomenon.

I think that for anyone who hasn't yet cottoned onto the sheer magnitude and significance of it all, spending just a few minutes going through these two videos (the first is only three minutes or so in duration, so no big intrusion on one's time) should result in some pennies dropping as realisation sinks in of some aspects that probably still haven't occurred to a lot of people.

What applies to Miku Hatsune, who is featured herein, is equally valid for the other Vocaloids and the similar creations using other systems such as UTAU – but Miku is the global symbol of this whole area of activity and creativity, the true Queen of the Vocaloids. It is right that this is done as her story as seen by us, the people of Planet Earth...

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