Thursday, 10 January 2013

Waybuloo Website Reinvigorated

That's the best word I can think of to describe the completely revamped Waybuloo website. It is actually very good now, and quite a contrast to the rather poor and somewhat unorganised site it had become in recent years.

Here's the press release from Zodiak Media, who have always handled these 'external' public aspects of the show (including merchandise licensing, for another aspect of that work).

I have (predictably!) spent a little time at the new site this morning, and have found some good activities, resources, information and facilities. While I am not sure about the two-clicks philosophy (one click to enlarge, another to go there) the overall impression is a good one.

In other, related news, ASDA has a new George range of Waybuloo-themed baby clothes coming out a week from today.

Back at the new site; there's even a new short dance video that I hadn't encountered before, that was quietly uploaded to YouTube nearly a month ago. Here it is, with its new mix music track based mainly on the Naracar tune...

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