Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dune – The Extended Version

David Lynch's original Dune movie, based on the Frank Herbert novel, came in for a fair amount of criticism when it was released almost thirty years ago.

Some of that was and still is justified, but as made it was a lot better than we got. It was just too long, and those pulling the strings required it to be cut down to what they'd consider to be a manageable length. It ended up with too much missing to make complete sense, even to those of us who knew the original story very well.

Here, though, is a version with many (perhaps all, I do not know) of those cut scenes restored to their rightful places, plus fan-added artwork and narration, and the whole is now quite significantly better than the release version ever could be.

It still has its faults, but this unofficial version, lasting just short of three hours, is a welcome reminder of just how good David Lynch's work was, on the whole, and especially bearing in mind the technical limitations of effects at that time...


  1. And it had an excellent soundtrack by Toto too!

  2. Yes; and it's a pity that this video ends during the closing titles and theme, though at least we get a fair chunk of it before that happens rather suddenly...


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