Saturday, 26 January 2013

One Room, All That Jazz !

It's now the middle of a winter Saturday evening as I post this, and for a change of mood I am switching to some jazz, with a surprisingly good and well-suited vocal by one of the lesser-known Vocaloids, Yuzuki Yukari, who is particularly good for this genre of jazz vocals.

Although the voice was apparently sourced originally from Miku's 'Dark Lib' (library), the result for Yuzuki has a completely different character. I don't know the full story behind this...

On top of this, her attempts at English (while working with just a Japanese voice-bank!) are very good, if imperfect, and always understandable in those parts, I found. I can't find any English words, but here are the Japanese lyrics.

There's no live visual performance this time, just some simple, moody graphics to set the tone. I think it is just right for this (mainly uptempo) number, and just right for this time of day too...

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