Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fantasy -Y -Y -Y -Y

That was the theme of Korean vocaloid SeeU's fourth demo song, and here it is being performed live on an upper stage along with a group of human performers on the main stage...

It is a very good reminder of just how lovely SeeU's voice and (unencumbered) movements really are: I'd say both are among the very, very best in the world!

If you thought that was cool,wait until you see this (shorter) video of SeeU joined on the upper stage by some other live performers. That is actually very impressive, and it is not exactly easy to 'see the join'...

That annoying YouTube re-direct arrow does go away at precisely one minute in, or you can click on the little X at its top-right corner (you have to mouse-over the gold  box for this to appear).

Anyway, that aside, this clip goes to show just how good and seamless these modern innovations can now be. It also shows how much more naturally mobile SeeU is without that huge quivering mass of hair, as we also saw recently in the Arirang video I posted here. Indeed, her motion here is just about the most natural-looking of any of the vocaloids I have so far encountered.

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