Friday, 4 January 2013

Akita Neru – Meltdown

This is a Vocaloid I haven't featured before, Akita Neru, who is visually identifiable by her single-sided long hair (as distinct from Miku's twin braids, for example) and matching yellow eyes, also with a slightly different voice timbre, a little deeper overall, I'd say.

Her songs tend to be more on the 'evil' side than usual, although all the female Vocaloids seem to have at least a couple of such items in their own repertoires.

Anyway, this is Meltdown, a track more commonly associated with the equally yellow-haired (though usually styled much shorter, either 'cut' or in what I call fluffy braids) Rin Kagamine, especially at the live concerts. It seemed to be an original way to go into the weekend.

There are no English words with this, but another version (without the character) does have English subtitles...

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