Monday, 6 May 2013

ZOLA Project

Yamaha, the creators of the Vocaloid engine, have been content to let others produce voicebanks and all the specifics that go with them. Now, though, they are bringing out a three-in-one male voice package under the name of ZOLA Project. ZOLA apparently stands for Zenith Operated Liaison Aggregation, which seems rather contrived to me.

I have no info on any names for the three performers, or if they are supposed to be related (three brothers, perhaps), but here they are in a short demo song called Omoide ga Ippai. They are very good indeed, though it has to be said that males have not done anywhere near as well in terms of sales relative to the female vocaloids over the years, so this looks like a bit of a gamble for Yamaha.

There is no animation in the video, and no English words. This is really just to showcase what is coming soon to the market...

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