Monday, 27 May 2013

The Path of Wind

This is a really good duet between Joe Hisaishi on piano, who composed this for My Neighbour Totoro, and 'cellist Hiroshi Kondo. This is quite special; and it is the path of wind that perhaps mirrors our own lives in some ways, starting as a gentle breeze, building up into something more powerful, and finally fading away.

The comments at the YouTube page tell an almost universal story of admiration (especially for Joe) and emotional impact, reflected in the thousands of 'Likes' and (for a long time) no 'Dislikes', though the latter is now up to ten for some strange reason. Still, the history of (almost uniquely on YouTube) no Dislikes is recorded in the lengthy comments thread.

Watch the musicians' own reactions to what they are playing – it's well worth it...

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