Friday, 31 May 2013

Kawaii in Hawaii

This short Vocaloid concert, held between 15 and 17 March this year at 'Kawaii-Kon 2013' in Hawaii, features seven songs (two of which were new to me) and was brought into being by a fan group from Japan.

The animation looks to be done by an up-to-date version of ReVB's AniMiku software (I recognise a few new features) and is actually very good overall, though inevitably not always quite as good as fully motion captured live performances would be.

A technical error I have seen at other events has been repeated here, which is to have the ambient lighting too dark. When the performers wear dark-coloured thigh-highs or similar, most of their lower halves becomes invisible. There's a reason why the big Japanese events have lighter stages, and it's not just where the live musicians are either. This event, by the way, had recorded backing music, as is normal for fan-based events, though it's not always the case.

It's good that both new and established songs have been included in this approx 25-minute concert, including the always-entertaining Poker Face, here mimed to GUMI who isn't one of the four on-stage performers.

The models were great, especially the Append models, and were (unsurprisingly!) by Lat, Tda and Mamama, including the Lat 'Taco Luka' who put in a couple of appearances...

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