Friday, 3 May 2013

Politics No More

Something I have been considering doing for a while now is abandoning the political side of my 'blog.

From the attitudes and (veiled, dishonest) hostility even from my own side of the political divide that really came to a head nearly three years ago and has continued ever since, I reasoned that it probably wasn't worth it. I have held off until today's Kent County Council election results came in, but have now deleted just about all the posts that had a political aspect.

In a sense, last week's exercise was part of the same process. Now I shall post no more political material here, and the only political tweets anyone will get from me from now on will (normally) be re-tweets of someone else's contribution(s).

I might also completely re-design my banner, or I might just amend it to suit: I haven't yet decided...


  1. Sorry, I am late. (Three lashes!).

    Good. I mean... not that your political comments were boring or any thing, but if that is what you want, GREAT.

    And I have looked through your latest, and I will be staying, watching.... waiting.... :-)

    Good luck with the new "format". Wish you success.


    1. Thank you as always for your kind words; and "better late than never" as the saying goes.

      I am pleased that I wasn't being boring (I'm sure the Pet Shop Boys would approve of that!) but, unless I get a counter-sign, it has felt that this change was necessary ahead of whatever new challenge the future may hold for me.

      Not that it has been easy to avoid commenting on any number of local and national matters that have cropped up in the weeks since my decision; but it still feels right to keep out, at least for now.

      I just hope that what I did before has been of some benefit overall...

  2. XX I just hope that what I did before has been of some benefit overall...XX

    YES! It was!


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