Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The End – Interviews with the Creators

This is interesting for anyone who might like to know some of what lies behind, and in the production and presentation of, the highly ambitious (and original) Miku opera The End. I don't tend to post this sort of thing here (though I always go through them myself) but this is sufficiently signiificant to be appropriate to offer to readers of my 'blog.

This video lasts some sixteen minutes; but this is a sufficiently important new work that it merits a somewhat in-depth explanation by each of the five producers. Note that this really is world class stuff, with costume designs by Louis Vuitton and a so-called "10.2" surround sound system, for a couple of examples. It is of course presented in Ultra-High Definition (UHD, also known as '4k' resolution).

This is ground-breaking work and will, I predict, go down in history as a new classic for the 21st century in a recently stagnant genre. Opera has stayed more-or-less static for a long time now, and needs to be re-invigorated as an art form.

Note that The End will be performed in Europe (France) on two dates this coming November, so is closer to home than might have been thought...

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