Friday, 31 May 2013

Miku in Art Exhibition

This week's Miku Channel report has our favourite Vocaloid featured in one 'chapter' of an art exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Japan's Roppongi Hills. While there, we also take a look at a time-limited Miku-themed café, which I believe is the Mado Lounge Spice Club.

This latter event launched on 26 April and will continue with Miku-inspired dishes and decor until 16 June. The dishes include Ievan Pollka Cocktails (complete with leek), 39 Curry, and Green Onion-Tea Soba where the 'green onion' is again a leek(!) There's even a Nekomimi Switch confection (check out the cat ears!) and, perhaps predictably, an ice cube filled drink called Melt...

I suspect that regular visitors to my 'blog have realised that these reports are being produced weekly, also perhaps that I didn't have one here last week. That was because it was a tutorial on how to apply Miku-style makeup, and I didn't think that would interest many if any who visit my corner of the blogging world...

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