Friday, 24 May 2013

Bring It On!

I have been wondering for quite some time whether to post this, as it is essentially the same as Korean girl group Glam's live performance of Glamorous they did on the Inkigayo show, which I have featured before (a few months ago now).

There were camerawork issues with that version, though; and this one not only improves on that aspect but also gives us a chance to pay greater attention to the human performers, at least at the start. I have to admit that, to me, they had previously been just part of the background in effect, and although that hasn't completely changed this time around, I seem to be more aware of them now.

I still focus almost entirely on SeeU from when they "bring her on", and rightly so. This tourbux model is superb, and her motion is, as usual, the best in the business, easily overshadowing the other nine put together – and they are no slouches either...

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