Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Julie Rayne, the Forgotten Singer

Sometimes promising new talent is effectively sidelined through sharing a stage (or similar) with another who is being more actively promoted. Thus it was with the Stars and Garters television series back in 1963, which was a staged public house with singing acts, as pubs have actually done for many years: it isn't as recent a phenomenon as might be thought.

Anyway, the female lead being promoted in the series was Kathy Kirby, and that stood out very strongly. The consequence was that the other regular female singer, Julie Rayne, was inevitably placed in the shadows somewhat.

This was a pity, because (as I thought at the time) the lady had talent, quality and some versatility, with a decent though not outstanding voice, along with good stage presence. I suspect that last characteristic might have been held back even so, in order not to risk stealing Kathy's limelight.

Virtually no-one has ever heard of Julie, though I have never forgotten her; so I am pleased to discover that a selection of her (one and only album, I think) record tracks has been uploaded to YouTube in recent months, as a playlist.

Bear in mind the era from which this all comes (UPDATE: and, as Furor reminds us in the comments, the lower technical quality of those times), and if you liked the late fifties/early sixties sounds, especially Stateside songs of that period, then you might well enjoy some or even all of these eight tracks, fifty years on...


  1. The quality of the videos do not help. And by that, I mean every five and a half words "sticking" for ten minutes.

    I like it. I Like it a LOT!!

    But with these vids.... go and serve burgers lassie!

  2. That sounds like one of those transient issues I sometimes seem to get with YouTube, but is usually clear if I try again on a different day. The videos played all right for me when I tried, though I accept that the technical quality of the sound back in 1963 wasn't anywhere near modern standards.

    I say this as a sound recordist of many years standing (actually, most of the time I was sitting!) and having worked in and close to the recording industry from 1969 onward. I saw so much change over the years – but that's another story(!)

  3. We often have problems here, to watch/listen to, British videos. (This video is not available in youre country!). But here I believe is a tech. problem.

    BUT, from what I DID manage to catch, GREAT!


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