Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pageviews without Politics

As I surmised, the changes to this 'blog of mine have resulted in a significant drop in daily page-views, now typically just 250 to 350 per day (now it has settled), which represents a drop of around a third. It could have had a bigger effect than that...

So, that's where I now am, and I think it's more representative of what is really going on than what I was seeing before the clear-out.

On that topic, I have had a couple of enquiries, and to those who have asked 'why?' I repeat that I have a strong feeling that a new challenge is soon to come along and that I shall need to be rid of any political 'baggage' beforehand. I have learned to trust such feelings, so took the difficult but necessary step of removing all that material from this 'blog.

It's surely not that hard to understand...

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