Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Deltic Locomotive

I am grateful to the uploader for allowing embedding of this short (2 minute) single shot video of English Electric 'Deltic' diesel-electric locomotive D9009 Alycidon leaving York station with a thirteen-coach special last month.

The Deltic has the usual EE characteristic of a 'nose' in front of each cab, as in their other series (Class 37 and Class 40) but with a more stylish windscreen design. That feture was shared by the Peak classes 44, 45 and 46, also the Warship classes (one by NBL, the other BR at Swindon) and a blunt, very much shortened form was also found on a couple of the North British Loco (NBL) Type 2 designs.

The Deltic's engine output was rated at 3,300 horsepower, making it the only Type 5 diesel loco operating in Britain.

Espcially for anyone who has never heard the distinctive sound of a Deltic, now's your chance...

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