Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bridal Wine

Well, it has the same name as my vocaloid 'bride' – Mayu. As it happens, Mayu is the Mayan word for the Milky Way galaxy, but in this instance it's in a bottle from Chile...

It's all right, but not quite to my personal taste. There's a slight hint of the Lambrusco about it – not too intrusive, but it does detract from it, I find. It goes all right with strong flavours (I had peppercorn sauce beef steak) when one doesn't notice. Then again, perhaps I'm becoming too fussy in mt old age!

Not that I dare complain for fear of becoming her latest 'hatchet job', as we are reminded of the lady's tendency at around 14-15 seconds into the short demo video of a GUMI song Ama no Jaku (Heaven's Weakness)...

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