Monday, 20 May 2013

Vocalectro – Loneliness

This is an interesting track by another P-producer, SepiaP. It's longer than is typical, at some six and a half minutes, and with a (precisely!) one-minute intro. The style is in what the uploader, jrharbort no less, has termed Vocalectro, and that is a useful shorthand for this broad genre.

The precise nature of this track is what a number of people are calling Miku Trance, presumably as there are so many Miku songs in this style (hardly surprising out of a catalogue of over 100,000 tracks!) so it merits its own Miku-based name.

I think it seems to have some Jarre influence in several respects, including vocally, and has that similar soaring feel to it that many of JMJ's works exhibit. I think it's good for being able to do this, and also in its own right regardless of that.

The visuals comprise a still image with an oscillating spectrum display, which is something of a Harbort trademark, done in different ways in his various videos.

The English lyrics have been requested from the composer, and I hope they will appear before long, so I can either add them here or provide a link...

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