Thursday, 23 May 2013

This Is Gallifrey

This is Gallifrey is one of Murray Gold's best Who tracks. This is what might be termed the 'standard' version, as there's another that is a notch or two more dramatic. This, though, is majestic and uplifting, and the still image is all it needs (although a tracking shot around this scene would have been even better). The mid-section, featuring a Cor Anglais (English Horn – surely the finest of all the woodwind) has a particularly high 'tingle factor'.

There is also a third version of this, by the way, with the slightly different title This Was Gallifrey. Perhaps I'll be able to feature either or both of those in due course.

I did have this on the 'blog a while back, but it got swept up in the bulk deletes when I was clearing image space, so now it's back as it does deserve to be showcased here, I feel, and seems to be appropriate to post just as the sun is going down, here in Kent...

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