Monday, 20 May 2013

MiXUS Clubbing

Now, this won't grab everyone with the same level of enthusiasm: indeed, it isn't exactly my 'scene'. Nevertheless, the idea of clubbing (as we in Britain would call it) to Vocaloid music and projections is an inevitable development in the club scene, as it has already been in other areas.

I have seen other videos of this activity, and it's certainly popular and – as the fellow here says – more extrovert by the participants than is typical in the more regular (for want of a better term) Japanese dance clubs.

So far, it's essentially a fan-run sideline to the mainstream in Japan, generally confined to a top floor location whereas the main action is going on downstairs. Despite this, occasionally there is sufficient interest, drive and support to go flat out, such as this three-floor MiXUS event...

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