Monday, 6 May 2013

Kitano Kamui

The troubled story behind this planned new vocaloid, whose purpose is to be an idol representing the Hokkaido region of Japan who will also become a vocaloid, is mentioned here as well, where people are contributing to cosplay and in other ways.

Kitano's official webpage shows her likeness (complete with SeeU-like cat ears or 'nekomimi') and gives some basic characteristics – though in Japanese, but it's easy enough to (for example) work out her height... As for her surname: yes, it's the same as Gakupo's, but I don't think there can be any significance in that as there is no connection between the two that I can see.

Because her originator and its boss are in such difficulties, this one might not now make it to completion; but there is a rescue effort under way. The plan is to have 30,000 combined Facebook 'likes' and Twitter followers by the end of October this year, whereupon the ailing company that owns her will pass everything over to a new outfit to take the project forward to release and beyond.

This short song We Are 'Tomodachi' by SukarupuP apparently uses Miku's Append 'soft' library over illustrations (by KEI no less) of the newcomer, who presumably does not yet have a voicebank available...

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