Friday, 10 May 2013

Venus remix

Although I am not a fan of dubstep as a style, this is a high quality and stylish version of Venus (written by someone known as 'y0c1e') performed by Miku in a remix assembled into a video by the dependable Johnny (J R) Harbort. If I've interpreted what's been done correctly, the remix is by one Jinnosuke Okibayashi, but I'm not a hundred percent clear on who has done what precisely, so am open to correction if I have it wrong.

I do know that the main image is by an artist known simply as Arikoshi.

The specific style has been dubbed (pun not really intended!) Mikustep, though generically within the Vocaloid context it is now widely known, rather clumsily I feel, as DubSteloid. I'm sure there must be a better term just waiting to be devised by someone!

The visuals here comprise a still image with 'sun ray' effects and a live spectral display overlaid, along with the lyrics in Japanese only so far, sadly. It works well enough within that restriction, as a musical experience alone, but an English translation is mooted. I shall add that when it appears...

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