Monday, 27 May 2013

Bad Apple – for Four

This is an interesting experiement: that highly memorable song Bad Apple sung by four Vocaloids. Here we have (left to right) Luka, Lily, Miku and GUMI. Lily is taller than I realised, and it really shows here.

This song is usually performed as either a solo or (better, admittedly) a duet. The four voices give it a different effect, though I'm not sure it's an improvement. Just different, I suppose.

The motion is a little robotic, so obviously doesn't have any or proper motion capture data. The light streamers, each matching the performer's hair colour, are very effective in this, I think.

Anyway, the funny thing to look out for is Miku's spins, which result in her hair swiping poor GUMI's face. I heard of'blue in the face' but this brings a new meaning to that decades-old expression...

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