Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Slot – 7 July 2013

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

I have mentioned before, not only here but elsewhere, how we need to be on our guard against false ideologies, especially those dressed-up to look authentic. The devil knows the forms to use, so is very much able to construct an authentic-looking alternative faith. In fact, he seems to have created dozens: essentially, everything that isn't either Judaism or Christianity, though I accept that there might be a few exceptions in the mix. I am not sufficiently expert to be able to separate those out from the rest.

Inevitably, and entirely predictably, there are many people within the Christian churches who are not truly Christian at all, though they tend (on the whole) play the part reasonably convincingly. Only the most alert will initially spot their falsity. A big clue is Lefties, as the political Left is demonstrably and implacably against Christianity and usually the jews (and especially Israel) as well, no matter what their stated views might suggest. Words are cheap, but attitudes tell the real story.

In my home borough we have a (very) few highly suspect so-called Christians, and I am known for my testing of their true attitudes. One I have caught out before has this past evening expressed – without any prompting from me – his preference for Harry Potter (i.e. witchcraft) over "those CBeebies creatures" (i.e. Buddhism, as it's a clear reference to Waybuloo, on which I have previously expressed my own limited reservations, by the way) expressed in a way that is clearly an attack on me as a consequence of what I wrote in my preceding tweet..

After all: why bring that up, of all things? Think about it... Note also that this is not a personal matter regarding an individual: it is simply a quotable example of an attitude and a style of self-conduct that I have encountered a number of times now, and which happens to speak volumes.

The accompanying 'smiley' emoticon doesn't change the underlying message in this particular context.

Remember: my own church, the Salvation Army, sprang from a Methodist (William Booth), so I do have some idea of what that earlier church is about. Indeed, it wasn't so many years ago that I went on a coach-and-walking tour of the path of the origins of the Salvation Army in London's East End, and have the photographs to prove it.

Overall, then, the Twitter encounter I have just recalled is merely an example of the wolf in sheep's clothing for which we always need to be alert. Do not assume that someone wearing a dog collar (or whatever other indication suggests 'holiness') is necessarily truly of the faith, and remember that no Lefty ever can be: the two are directly opposed, everywhere in the world, always have been and always will be.

The political left is essentially a creation of the devil anyway, and obviously so if one looks at what it really means (State dominance over citizens/oppression, mass murder, civil rights violations, control of information and propaganda, and all the rest of it). No true Christian could ever support any of that, and – unless they were completely thick – must have realised that it is a worldwide characteristic of all Left-wing régimes on Planet Earth and always has been.

From North Korea to the former USSR, from Zimbabwe to China under Mao in particular, and any other country you care to name, they are all the same, either already at that totalitarian point or still aiming toward it. They are ALL corrupt, murdering garbage either in fact or still merely in intent at this stage, Satanic filth, causing most of the organised harm and misery in the world. That alone is absolute proof why NO Lefty can EVER be a TRUE Christian, and those who claim to be are liars – or completely pig-ignorant, which in practice is just as bad for the rest of us.

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  1. As a Salvation Army Corps Officer, I'm proud to be called a leftie. Happy to identify with the poor, vulnerable and marginalised. I believe Jesus did. People not bigotry. God bless you. John.


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