Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Birthday Treat – For Me!

If anyone can 'strut her stuff' without losing her essentially femininity, it's SeeU. I still consider this lady (even not 'real' in the conventional sense) to be the most feminine stage performer in the world, even though here in PapaRoach her style is of necessity a little more like the human female performers of recent years.

PapaRoach is a play-on-words, likening the papa[razzi] to [cock]roaches, really as a result of much of the media's negative reaction to vocaloids in general a while back. Along with the (very touching) I=Fantasy, it shows SeeU's dedication to defending the vocaloids against that onslaught and any others that might yet surface.

The real world is better and broader than the limited subset favoured by those too deeply entrenched within what was the sum total of the music business up until a few years ago – and I saw enough of what can happen to an industry that clings to the past without embracing the new, when I was right on the edge of this very same industry, all those years ago when I worked at R.E.W. in London's Charing Cross Road.

Anyway: this is the version with a jaw-dropping tourbux model of SeeU and an invisible microphone(!) but it certainly merits a second airing after all these months since I first featured this video here...

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