Saturday, 6 July 2013

Star Trek – The New 'Original' Series

I have watched several attempts to create new adventures in the original USS Enterprise, with various actors playing the familiar parts of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and the rest. They haven't generally been all that good, frankly, with lots of silly errors that could easily have been avoided (such as wrong colour uniforms) and wooden acting. One did feature a rather young Uhura whose voice was uncannily like the original – but that was the high spot of the whole enterprise (ahem!)

This, though is very well done, although most of the actors don't physically resemble their counterparts from the original series. Kirk does, though, and the mannerisms and scripting of all the main characters are very much on track this time, right down to Uhura singing to the crew in the Rec' Room. They've even got Chris Doohan to play Scotty (who better?) and the original Apollo actor reprises that part in this first story of what is to be a full series, as I understand it.

Spend fifty minutes with this: it won't be wasted time, and it'll feel so familiar. The episode is called 'Pilgrim of Eternity'...

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