Saturday, 27 July 2013

Puppet On Len's String

Long-term visitors to this 'blog with equally long-term memories will recall that I sussed out the Ed[ward] Miliband leadership situation right from the off. I said then that his job was to make the necessary party policy reforms that would give the big Communist-controlled Trades Unions the power and freedom to do more-or-less what they want, and then he could be discarded or bypassed.

Ed-M must surely be well aware of his position; so if he has any hope of continuing to hold the leadership of a significant party, he knows only too well that he has to do what Len McCluskey demands, dressing it up in a way that he can sell to Labour MPs and party member. Otherwise either he will be removed somehow, or the Labour party will be sidelined by UNITE and its fellow-travellers in the Union movement. Scylla or Charybdis?

In these past few weeks, as I have covered in my weekly digests, this has indeed been coming to pass, and at roughly the time I had originally envisaged – especially in relation to the 2015 General Election. It was obvious then, and is even more so now, that this scenario was planned for all that time ago, and is now being played out.

Sometimes it is very satisfying to see one of my predictions (shared by few t the time, I might add) come into being, but this one provokes only sadness in me. However, it is gratifying that the Lefties continue to be so predictable, well in advance, so the wise and influential can take appropriate precautions and be ready when the time comes.

Although my original posts have gone from here, anyone sufficiently interested will no doubt have little trouble locating them at one or more of the Internet cache sites.

I remain pleased that I made that break by deleting my former (older) political posts, knowing full well that they had been archived elsewhere as always happens, because the time to come will be of a different nature. the McCluskey/Miliband business looks set to be probably the most significant part of that upcoming time...

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